China wants to negotiate an FTA with Mercosur, according to the Union of Exporters

China wants to negotiate an FTA with Mercosur, according to the Union of Exporters

The president of the business union, Facundo Márquez, assured that the Asian giant is not seeking an individual agreement with Uruguay.

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As part of an event organized by the PIT-CNT on the occasion of Labor Day, the president of the Union of Exporters of Uruguay, Facundo Marquezwas consulted about the current government negotiations to close a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Chinaand explained that the Asian giant “He has already said that he is going to want to negotiate with Mercosur“, and not individually, so “put us a little behind that“.

According to the union leader, it is necessary to understand that “we are in a very politicized world“, and “Mercosur depends a lot on what Brazil defines and its international insertion strategy“. However, Márquez affirmed that the Union of Exporters is committed “in the first instance to Brazil leading the treaty Mercosur-European Unionwhich is the closest we are”.

In turn, he pointed out that it is necessary to “continue working on other treaties such as the Trans-Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP) to which China has requested accession”, for which the Asian nation could also remain “inside that treaty”, he explained to Underlined.

“We are all in the same boat” with the PIT-CNT, said Márquez

Márquez remarked that due to “the philosophy” of the Union of Exporters, and “beyond the differences” and the nuances that exist with the PIT-CNT, “they are convinced that despite those disagreements that we may have in some ways or some means”, the objectives “are the same”, and “we are all in the same boat“.

The president of the Union of Exporters maintained that they “always bet on dialogue” with the actors of Uruguay’s political and union life, and “reason” the fact that “we live in a complex world and we cannot conceive of any other way than to grow the country” based on “more and better work”.

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