There is a commitment to recover wages, said Delgado

There is a commitment to recover wages, said Delgado

The Secretary of the Presidency affirmed that it is an “important” issue for the government, both in the public and private sectors.

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The secretary of Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, spoke with the press this Monday in the Mártires square in Chicago, within the framework of Labor Day. The government official assured that the Executive power has “a salary recovery commitment“, since the salaries of the public and private sectors are an “important” issue for the government.

Along these lines, he indicated that the government has already signed a wage recovery commitment with the Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFFEE), and points to a wage claim with the private sector before the end of the current administration.

Delgado remarked that attending the event, organized by the PIT-CNTrepresents “an attitude linked not only to respect and listening”, but also “to dialogue” on the part of the Executive Branch, since “the issues of social dialogue are important to us”, he stated.

In turn, he insisted that the “the government will end up fulfilling all the campaign promises it made“, and that among the points on which he agrees with the trade union center, he argued that “it seems to me that it is key to talk about employment” and “quality employment”.

On this, he assured that “the government is working on investments to generate employment”, something that becomes evident in the fact that “all the positions that were lost in the pandemic were recovered“, a crisis that, for Delgado, “was the great absentee in today’s speech“, by the PIT-CNT.

Delgado asked the PIT-CNT for intellectual honesty for its criticism

The presidential secretary went further and took aim against union speakers, “It seems that in Uruguay there was no pandemic“, given that “they not only recovered, but there are 40,000 more jobs“Delgado stressed that he would have liked”a mention also of the tax reduction” with “intellectual honesty, and he was not“.

The head of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, had expressed that from the trade union center “they do not rule out any form of action to eradicate” the social security reform and propose another in its place. On this, Deglado said that the words “have a lot to do with an electoral tone” facing 2024, and not a “demand of the workers.”

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