“Last generation” paralyzed morning traffic in Vienna

“Last generation” paralyzed morning traffic in Vienna
Activists of the “Last Generation” started their third wave of actions in Vienna on Tuesday

At 8:00 a.m., several members stuck themselves to the roadway on the outer Währing belt. Several researchers supported the protest that the blockade was “a symbol of the government’s standstill in climate policy,” said the APA on the spot. On the Opernring, environmentalists marching on the road also slowed down traffic.

The usual delays in early morning traffic in Vienna were even greater. The ÖAMTC reported to the APA of a traffic jam from Gentzgasse to the northern beginning of the outer belt. Vehicles initially backed up on the Ring from Operngasse to the Stadtpark. “Public transport and bicycle traffic should not be affected by the impairments,” tweeted the Vienna police. Emergency services arrived at the unannounced protest actions, the blockade on the Belt ended shortly before 9 a.m. after the police had removed the activists from the roadway.

“Spontaneous gatherings that are not reported also enjoy the protection of the fundamental right to freedom of assembly,” emphasized the Vienna State Police Directorate (LPD) on Twitter. “If there are reasons for dissolution, this will be ordered by a representative of the LPD Vienna. However, this is always checked on a case-by-case basis and cannot be done in general or ‘in advance’ for similar assemblies.” The police warned against taking action against the activists on their own and “under certain circumstances making themselves criminally or administratively punishable”.

Beginning of the protest weeks

The environmentalists had already announced daily blockades for at least three weeks from Tuesday. The “Last Generation” spoke of their biggest action so far. According to the broadcast on Tuesday morning, numerous renowned scientists such as Florian Freistetter, Barbara Laa and Reinhard Steurer as well as the “Grandmas Against Right” and “Parents For Future” were involved in the start of the “Maiwelle”. Together with the “Last Generation” they demanded a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways and a ban on all new oil and gas drilling in Austria.

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