The OSE union criticizes the decision to raise salinity in the water as impromptu

The OSE union criticizes the decision to raise salinity in the water as impromptu

The Federation of Officials of OSE believes that there is no serious plan to alleviate the impact of the drought in Uruguay.

a week ago the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) determined to increase the percentage of water with the highest salinity in the mix, with the aim of prolonging the reserves until June – due to the strong persistence of the lack of water in the Metropolitan Area due to the drought -, a decision that the union they criticize as not serious and improvised.

The president of the Federation of Officials of OSE (FFOSE), Frederick Kreimermanspoke with the newspaper Underlined and explained that the association believes that it is a worrying situation and that, despite the logical decision, “it is an announcement that arises from the improvisation”.

“The authorities have not taken any serious plan and we are seeing a series of plans B, which range from wanting to avoid losses, through privatizations to fix the breaks in the streets of Montevideo due to a lack of personnel, to a lack of investment,” he explained. Kreimerman regarding the fact that more than three years ago the issue of the drought has been intensifying without a profound solution.

On the other hand, he stressed the need to have a policy for the use of water resources thought in the long term due to the fact that the raw water reserves are depleted and waiting for rain is not the most advisable since many times it cannot happen, as was the case this year. “It was improvised. They raffled it to rain before and that did not happen. That seems to us a policy of improvisation”, said the president of FFOSE.

Kreimerman seems to be responding to the statements made by the OSE president, Raul Montero, when he announced the unanimous decision by the board of directors to increase the salinity levels in the water. “The possible rains, even if they are few in May, can help us, but we have to last until June. The weather reports that we have say that the month of April, which we are already ending, and the month of May are very likely to be deficient, that we could only have some favorable news in June,” said Montero.

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