hygiene basket products have the biggest difference

hygiene basket products have the biggest difference

The monthly border price indicator detailed that the price difference between Uruguay and Argentina fell for the first time in seven months.

The price difference between Argentina and Uruguay gave a little respite for the first time in seven months, although the gap in the hygiene basket remains high reaching a 212%with products that are 329% cheaper on the Argentine side.

The basic hygiene basket is composed of toilet paper, deodorants and antiperspirants, hair products – such as shampooconditioner, sap and hair creams – toothpaste and soapsamong which are the toiletries, the liquid, the bar and the shower gel.

According to the report “Border Price Indicator” of the Economic Observatory of the Catholic University of Salto, this city has historically been more expensive in this type of products compared to the city of Concordia, in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos. However, this month had a surprising drop in prices, obtaining a difference of 212%, compared to last month’s report – corresponding to February – where the percentage reached 228%.

Analyzing them in a particular way, toilet paper is the one that has the least difference with a 115%. Secondly, there are soaps with a 188%, third is toothpaste with a 194% higher prices on the Uruguayan border side. The second most expensive product is shampoo with a difference of 265%while deodorants are the most expensive with a difference of 329%.

A weekend marked by the exchange gap

He long weekend for him holiday of the Labor Day from this monday May 1st he made the roads collapse on the way to Argentina. According to the National Directorate of Migration (DNM) He reported that 79,277 people left the country.

The exchange difference with Argentina, widened even more after the shot of the parallel dollar in the neighboring countrycurrently generates a great tourist incentive for Uruguayans who see in the neighboring country a chance to vacation at low prices and buy cheaper clothing, appliances and technology.

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