Josko running meeting again with Lukas Weißhaidinger

Josko running meeting again with Lukas Weißhaidinger
Josko running meeting organizer Klaus Angerer, Lukas Weißhaidinger
Image: Maringer

There is good news for the organizers of the traditional Josko running meeting in Andorf. As in previous years, Olympic medalist and local hero Lukas Weißhaidinger will start in the discus competition. For the 31-year-old from Taufkirchen an der Pram, the “home game” in Andorf is simply part of it. The meeting will take place on Saturday 29 July.

“It’s great for us that Luki Weißhaidinger will be starting with us. His entire fan club, if not all of Taufkirchen, will be visiting us in Andorf to see him,” says meeting organizer Klaus angry. “Because of his strong performances, Weißhaidinger is in great demand internationally. It is therefore a great honor for us that he will compete in Andorf,” said Angerer.

The earlier date of the meeting compared to previous years has to do with the World Championships in Budapest. “The Josko running meeting is the last date to qualify for the World Championships from August 19th. For the first time we are also in the qualifying period for the 2024 Summer Olympics. That means you can already qualify for next year’s Olympics in Andorf.” , says Angerer.

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