The Chamber of Construction asked the government to create an infrastructure agency

The Chamber of Construction asked the government to create an infrastructure agency

The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, was receptive to the claim, but assured that “the proposal must be polished.”

The government welcomes the creation of an infrastructure agency at the request of the Uruguayan Chamber of Construction.

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The secretary of Presidency, Alvaro Delgadoheld a meeting on Tuesday with authorities from the Chamber of Construction of Uruguay (UCC), who asked the government the creation of an infrastructure agency that defines a bank of long-term projects that transcends the different periods of government, and where each administration selects those of a priority nature.

The official of the Executive power He was receptive to the claim, but assured that the proposal should be “polished”, and stressed that it “has the advantage that it does not look at the electoral period two years from now, look maybe 20 years ahead”.

Delgado commented that countries like Australia, Canadaeither United KingdomThey have already had similar experiences to an agency of this type, but it would be necessary to evaluate its feasibility and instrumentation within the local institutional framework. On this, he explained that “we were talking about the National Development Corporation it can be a facilitating body or a large management umbrella for this agency to work”.

The Chamber of Construction of Uruguay conveyed its concerns to the government

In March, the new president of the CCU, Alejandro Ruibalhad commented to the press that the current delay of the exchange rate could cause the loss of great businesses for the country due to the uncertainty that it generates about costs and the loss of profitability.

The CCU has been concerned about the bureaucratic obstacles that have arisen in key projects such as the Arazatí water treatment plant, and the planned expansions in the specialized container terminal of the port of Montevideo.

Another of the concerns that the CCU conveyed was the generation of employment, on this Delgado stressed that, today, construction createsabout 55,000direct jobsand it was, along with agriculture, “one of the sectors that managed to sustain employment during the pandemic.”

Along the same lines, the Secretary of the Presidency added that the government “agrees on the concern to press the accelerator to continue generating employment.” Construction was the only sector of the national economy that grew during the year 2020.

The meeting also addressed issues related to job security, and the project evaluation process by the Commission for the Application of the Investment Law (Comap). Delgado positively valued that the private sector is collaborating in a non-binding manner with the public sector with regard to the preparation and management of infrastructure projects.

The priority projects for the government are the plan move forwardwhich provides a housing solution to families in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability, the tender for the Arazati projectand another tender for sanitation works in some 61 towns in the interior of the country. “Only these three add up 1 billion dollars“Delgado remarked.

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