Hörsching: teacher fired after allegations of sexual harassment

Hörsching: teacher fired after allegations of sexual harassment
The teacher was fired. (icon picture)
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As reported, the science teacher had been put on leave. He is said to have touched girls at the NMS indecently and repeatedly crossed borders, most recently in mid-February. A schoolgirl contacted the Education Directorate. It said last week: “If the above allegations are confirmed, there will of course be legal consequences.”

As the education department announced on Wednesday, the teacher has now been terminated. “Harassment of this kind has no place in school. We have zero understanding and zero tolerance for such behavior. Schools should be a safe place for pupils. We would like to thank the girls who have shown courage and confided in us. We would also like to thank the school management, who took all the right and important steps when this became known,” Education Director Alfred Klampfer was quoted as saying in the broadcast.

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