Trump launched his first campaign spot and marked the deficits of the Biden management

Trump launched his first campaign spot and marked the deficits of the Biden management

The video recounts the current situation in the United States from the point of view of the Republican candidate: “It is an invasion of the United States of America. The streets overflow with poisonous drugs that kill millions. Enemies and tyrants on both sides of the planet laugh at us. War threatens us,” the video begins.

“The danger of nuclear annihilation, once forgotten, is real again. America’s weaknesses become its strengths. The global elite, sending your sons to war, tells you that the woman is a man and that the man is a woman“adds the narrator.


On November 15, 2022, the former president delivered the papers to dispute the 2024 elections to the Federal Election Committee and launched his candidacy through an act in Florida. In this context, Trump became the first leader to make official his participation in next year’s elections.

Trump’s long-awaited announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, comes after a disappointing result of the Republican Party in the legislative elections mid-term, at which time many republished pointed to the real estate businessman as the main person responsible.

Trump’s campaign ad against Biden

In his speech, Trump continues to criticize the Biden administration, who was the winner in the 2020 elections by more than 7 million votes difference.

“They have corrupted every facet of the US government, using it against you. As they watch our cities burn and violent crime soar, you and your family pay the price.. Inflation is out of control, the economy is collapsing, a nation in decline. This is the United States of Joe Biden: failure, weakness,” says the spot.

The video concludes by highlighting the figure of Donald Trump facing a country where the middle class is the protagonist: “But one man, one movement, can change everything. Put America, the middle class first, and put globalists, elites, and the corrupt in their place. Reclaim pride and the American Dream, and make it understood the world not to mess with us. A man focused on the real owners of this land. A movement focused on the real priorities: making America great again for us.”

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