when will be the coronation of King Carlos III

when will be the coronation of King Carlos III

The monarch will be made official in the British crown in a celebration that will last three days. May 8th will be declared as a holiday throughout the country.

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He king charles II will celebrate his coronation this weekend in United Kingdom, eight months after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in what will be a unique ceremony for the monarch. In this context, the United Kingdom is preparing for an event that will have millions of people attentive to events.

The world event will have attendees of all kinds: presidents, ministers, officials and prominent personalities from countries on all continents. In addition, it will be a coronation with a divorced king and queen, Carlos and Camila, and with several stepsons, an ex-husband, a rebellious son and even a disgraced brother.

Carlos, 74, divorced Diana in 1996, after a highly publicized “war”. Diana died in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. Camila, 75, divorced Andrew Parker Bowles, a former army officer, in 1995 after 21 years of marriage.

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When will be the coronation of King Carlos III

The Coronation of King Carlos III will be the Saturday May 6 at 11 local time (7 in the morning in Argentine time) in the Westminster Abbey, the church used for coronation since 1066. It is also the burial place of more than 3,000 great British figures.

Church it was built by Henry II to dedicate it to the holy king Edward the Confessor and there rest the remains of the most outstanding personalities of the British crown.

In the event, Carlos III will become the 40th monarch in history and his wife Camila will be named as Queen consortthe title given to the wife of a reigning monarch and the female equivalent of the king’s titles and treatments.

It is expected that the holiday of the monarchy in the United Kingdom extended until May 8, day declared as a holiday for the entire nation. In a religious and symbolic context, the culminating moment of the ceremony will be when the crown is placed on the head of the sovereign, King Carlos III.

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