Ukraine denied using drones against the Kremlin

Ukraine denied using drones against the Kremlin

Vlodomir Zelensky’s presidential adviser, Mikhailo Podoliak, gave statements about the attack and fears “even more radical actions against our civilian population.”

Ukrainian Presidency

Ukraine denied this Wednesday any participation in the attack of the drones that, according to the Kremlin, had the objective of assassinating the president of RussiaVladimir putin.

Two drones headed for the Kremlin attempted to assassinate the president of RussiaVladimir putin, during the night of Tuesday, in what was considered a “planned terrorist action”. According to the Russian presidency, the two drones were disabled “thanks to the use of radar systems”, in an “attempted terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the president”.

The Russian authorities, for their part, accused Ukraine of the assassination attempt and, according to a statement released by various European news agencies, no casualties were reported after the explosion.

Mikhailo Podoliak, presidential adviser, distinguished Ukraine from the attack: “Ukraine has nothing to do with the drone strikes against the Kremlin.”

“Ukraine does not attack the Kremlin because that does not solve any military problem to begin with,” added Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky’s government official.

Ukraine fears a “large-scale” attack from Russia

Minutes after the incident, the Russian government assured that Putin was not affected or injured and that Russia reserved the right to respond to this “attempt on the life of the president”in what was a “planned terrorist attack” by the Government of Ukraine.

In this context, he referred to the events that occurred in the Kremlin, which “they would incite Russia to even more radical actions against our civilian population”. The official described Ukraine’s war strategy as “exclusively defensive” as it does not attack targets on Russian soil.

For Podoliak, Russia “is very afraid at the start of the Ukrainian offensives along the front line and tries in any way to seize the initiative, divert attention.”

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