Experiment with a block of ice employs Schwanenstadt

Experiment with a block of ice employs Schwanenstadt
Block of ice was packed in insulation material.
Image: Municipality

How much of a cubic meter of ice remains if the block is insulated as well as a passive house? The municipality of Schwanenstadt wants to know exactly and has started the corresponding experiment.

The aim of the campaign is to draw the population’s attention to the importance of thermal insulation. Schwanenstadt has been a climate alliance community for almost 20 years and this also includes raising awareness.

The block of ice, packed in 40 centimeters of cellulose fiber, was enclosed by environmental councilor Karl Vesely and mayor Doris Staudinger these days. It is now exposed to the sun and wind and will be unveiled at the town festival on June 24th. Until then, the population can estimate what percentage of the ice is left. Winners will be drawn from the lottery tickets.

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