The Constitutional Council once again refused to submit the pension reform to a referendum

The Constitutional Council once again refused to submit the pension reform to a referendum

The initiative decreed by President Emmanuel Macron on March 16 is still being questioned. Deputies and Senators proposed submitting the measure to a referendum and the Constitutional Council of France rejected the request.

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The conflict over the provisional reform in France continues. This Tuesday, after a second request to submit the measure to a referendum, the Constitutional Council of France again rejected the proposal. For the moment, there will be no turning back after the promulgation of the initiative of Emmanuel Macron that will raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

As expected, the body in charge of safeguarding the constitutionality of laws in Francereiterated that the President’s decree was legitimate and rejected the proposal of 250 deputies and senators that sought to stop the reform. The referendum request proposed maintain at 62 the age at which a worker can retire with full rights.

Since January, this measure It generated massive social rejection: the streets and networks were filled with protests against it. The polls estimated that two out of three French people are against the project. In this context, the Paris police prefect prohibited gatherings and the transport of fireworks in the vicinity of the Council between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Thursdayin anticipation of violent acts by opponents of the reform, reported the AFP news agency.

In the last marches there were overflows of groups of young people that provoked destruction in the capital and other cities.

The left and the unions maintained their strong rejection of the reformwith strikes and massive demonstrations, the The last of them coincides with the events of International Workers’ DayMay 1st.

Unions They called other marches for June 6two days before the National Assembly (Chamber of Deputies) examines a proposal by the independent group Liot to suspend the reform.

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