Husband slit his throat with a knife? Judgment is expected tonight

Husband slit his throat with a knife?  Judgment is expected tonight
The fourth day of the trial began at 9:30 a.m., and a verdict is expected in the evening
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According to prosecutor Petra Stranzinger, the 32-year-old is said to have mixed antidepressants into her husband’s goulash in August 2022 and later cut his neck. As reported, the accused claims that not she, but her daughter is the alleged perpetrator. The victim woke up and had to be operated on in the Passau Clinic. The 40-year-old suffered no life-threatening injuries.

The fourth and probably final day of the hearing began on Thursday with the planned hearing of witnesses from the accused’s 16-year-old nephew from the Czech Republic, who was present in the house on the night of the crime. The youth should have been questioned as a witness via video conference. However, as a relative of the accused, he made use of his right to refuse to testify.

Then defender Andreas Mauhart surprisingly requested another witness. She came to him before the trial because she still had something to say. The presiding judge of the jury, Claudia Grillneder, called the woman to the witness stand. “But I’m not allowed to say anything without first talking to my employer,” said the woman from the Innviertel. The woman works as a family carer at a social institution. “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Associate judge Claudia Hubauer was surprised: “How did you come up with the idea of ​​wanting to make a statement?” The answer: “Because I wanted to do something good for the accused.” She was surprised that she was never summoned as a witness, given that she was in the house the afternoon of the crime. After a long back and forth, the woman testified. When asked by Grillneder whether she had observed anything unusual on the day of the crime, the witness said: Ms F. seemed very tired because she had picked up her nephew in the Czech Republic that day. Otherwise everything was normal. The daughter, on the other hand, perceived her aggressively. When questioned, however, the witness admitted that she primarily knew this from what the mother had told her. She herself only once observed how the daughter “freaked out” because she should have cleared out the dishwasher. Otherwise she made no observations herself. The mother told her again and again that the daughter hated her father. But she didn’t hear it herself.

Further requests for evidence were made neither by public prosecutor Stranzinger nor by defense attorney Mauhart. The closing arguments can be expected by the early afternoon. The jury will then retire to deliberate, to answer the question of guilty or not guilty. A verdict is expected in the evening. This article will be updated.

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