what will be the tunic that queen Camilla will wear

what will be the tunic that queen Camilla will wear

Every detail of the event of the year in the British monarchy is more than thought out. From the clothes to the location of the chairs, everything has a reason.

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With the last preparations for the Coronation of King Carlos III underway, the British Royal House unveiled the garments that will be the main protagonists of the most anticipated royal event in recent times: togas and tunics.

Those in charge of restoring the costumes were the Royal School of Embroidery and Ede & Ravenscroft, the oldest tailors in London. One of the most important points, in addition to the recycled garments of the king, was the creation from scratch of the garment that will wear the queen consort Camilla.


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According to tradition, monarchs will wear two different sets of robes throughout the coronation event. On the one hand, there are the ones that they are going to wear to get to Westminster Abbey: Carlos will wear the one he wore on King George VI for his coronation, in 1937, which is crimson velvet. When she goes out, she will wear a purple silk velvet one with gold embroidery. This was also used by King George VI, but in 1937.

On the other hand, Camilla will arrive at Westminster in a crimson velvet robe that was originally made for Isabel II in 1953. For the one that will take to the exit, the tailors made a special design that has different embroidered motifs: the British national emblems, its initials and bees and a beetle, reflecting the royal couple love for nature. In addition, the plants that appear embroidered are her favorites, and symbolize hope and love. The detail that caught our attention is a lily of the valley, which was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorites.

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None of the clothes that Carlos will wear are new. The same manufacturers that made the outfits in the previous coronations were the ones that adjusted these garments loaded with history and symbolism for this new coronation. In addition to the state robes, we must add the super tuniche imperial mantle, the Colobium Sindonis, the sword belt and the coronation glove, elements that were previously used in the coronation services of King George IV, in 1821; George V, in 1911; George VI, in 1937 and Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953.

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