Two European companies were awarded the Circuito Vial Tres concession for US$234 million

Two European companies were awarded the Circuito Vial Tres concession for US$234 million

Until now, it was managed by two Spanish companies that in 2022 billed more than US$25 million and projected revenues of almost US$32 million this year.


british company aberdeen and the Spanish Bestinver Infra they bought for 234 million dollars 100% of the participation in the concession of the Road Circuit Three of Uruguay, involving Route 14 Center-West, Sarandí del Yi Bypass and Route 14-Route 3 connection, which until now was in charge of the Spanish companies Copasa and Thorn.

Is about the largest road concession award ever granted through a mixed public-private scheme (PPP) in the country. The road is key in the Uruguayan route network, it crosses the country connecting the southeast and the center of the territory, from Mercedes to Sarandi del Yi. In addition, together with other arteries, it allows the connection between Brazil and Argentina.

In 2020, the two Spanish companies completed the works within the established period and obtained authorization for its use in the first sections. Now, with the sale, which was completed at 234 million dollars including associated debtmanagement will be in charge of the two new firms.

Bestinver Infra is the infrastructure fund of Bestinver, the Spanish management company owned by Acciona. For its part, the British Aberdeen uses Abrdn’s Andean Social Infrastructure Funds as a vehicle to invest in Latin America in this type of project.

The details of the concession that Aberdeen and Bestinver Infra bought

The license was finalized in 2019 and established a 20-year term for design, construction, operation and financing of the 292 kilometers of this road route, where Copasa had until now 80% of the participation, while Espina the remaining 20%.

According to the contract reached with the government, the concessionaire companies – which will now be Aberdeen and Bestinver Infra – receive income through Availability Payments of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP)with the aim of achieving and maintaining throughout the life of the contract the quality of service associated with the values ​​of the technical indicators set.

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