Video: Next wolf sighting in Linz-Land

Video: Next wolf sighting in Linz-Land
A wolf was also sighted in Holzhausen at the weekend.
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“I’m actually 100 percent sure that it was a wolf,” says hunter Gerald Jungmeier in an interview with OÖ Nachrichten. “A dog smells and moves differently. The animal that I filmed moved very purposefully and at the same pace. A dog would react differently if deer were nearby,” says Kirchberg-Theninger. “If you take a dog on a leash for a walk, deer that are nearby would immediately run away. As you can see from the video, the deer stayed calm.” Jungmaier filmed the animals on the border to Pasching during his evening hide.

As with the sighting in Leonding/Zaubertal in February, it is assumed that it is a young animal based on its size and behavior.

Third wolf sighting since the weekend

Wolf sightings are said to have also occurred in Oberndorf (municipality of Oftering) and in Holzhausen in the past few days. Photos of it have already been widely shared on social media.

Source: Nachrichten

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