Suspected of murder in Upper Styria: Woman found dead in apartment

Suspected of murder in Upper Styria: Woman found dead in apartment
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Her former partner is under suspicion. Apparently he tried to take his own life after the crime and caused a car accident. He is now seriously injured in artificial deep sleep in the LKH Graz and could not be questioned, the police said on Friday.

The investigation began on Thursday around 8 a.m. after a man had caused a car accident on Schoberpass Straße (B113) between Trieben and Rottenmann (Liezen district). He was trapped in the car and suffered serious injuries to his chest. He was not responsive after the accident, was flown to the LKH Graz with the rescue helicopter and put into artificial deep sleep. Based on the evidence, the police assumed a suicide attempt.

The identity of the man was still unclear at the time. Therefore, the registration owner of the accident car was investigated and contacted. It is the mother of the woman who was killed. When she heard about the accident with her car, she and her husband immediately drove to their daughter’s apartment. There she found the woman lying dead on the couch around noon.

Violent death by asphyxiation

Police officers from the Oberzeirig inspection suspected that outside influence could be responsible for the woman’s death. The State Criminal Police Office of Styria and the forensic medicine were consulted. The latter found a violent death by asphyxiation on Thursday evening. “According to the current state of investigation, there should be a connection between the death of the woman and the serious traffic accident of her ex-partner. The couple had separated shortly before,” said the state police department’s broadcast on Friday.

The man has not yet been questioned. He is in the intensive care unit of the LKH Graz. The public prosecutor’s office in Leoben ordered the seizure of the wreckage and further investigations into the suspicion of murder. For reasons of victim protection, the police did not provide any further details on the age and location of the crime.

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