Welser Medienkulturhaus: Will everything stay as it is?

Welser Medienkulturhaus: Will everything stay as it is?
The winning applicants with team leader Boris Schuld (2nd from left)
Image: MKH Wels

A preliminary decision was made on Thursday in the race to fill the Media Culture House. The team of applicants led by MKH deputy Boris Schuld (MKH_Studios) won the hearing before the steering committee and the non-voting city senate with a clear lead over the other two applicants. The duo Christoph Brückl and Renate Pyrker (Offenes Kulturhaus Wels) came in ahead of the team Stefan Schiehauer & Christoph Schumacher (Media House Medienkunst and Kulturzentrum Wels).

For the Welser Freiheitliche, the selection process did not go according to plan. Mayor Andreas Rabl and cultural adviser Christa Raggl-Mühlberger recently called for a realignment. More breadth and more audience was the claim of the FP, which provides half of the mandates in the Welser municipal council with the MFG by Jörg Wehofsich.

In the steering committee, the Blues remained in the minority. Martina Franke and Simone Lindinger represented the Wels cultural advisory board. And this also put the MKH application in first place and gave the committee a clear recommendation with its ranking.

Rabl remains skeptical

“I would have liked a different concept. I liked the application of the other two candidates better because it was more forward-looking. I’m also skeptical that what is promised by the MKH can also be implemented,” said Rabl at the request of the Welser Zeitung.

The winners of the hearing still have to clear several hurdles. The unsuccessful applicants can appeal, which is expected. In any case, Brückl, who publishes the monthly magazine in Wels, wants to challenge the result.

Should the conditions in the contract negotiations change, Rabl considers a new tender: “I can’t imagine that you want to do twice as many events with half the budget as before,” says Rabl skeptically. Despite everything, the team around Schuld deserve a leap of faith. This needs to be confirmed in the future.

On Friday, both SP Deputy Mayor Klaus Schinninger and VP City Councilor Martin Oberndorfer denied rumors of politically motivated voting behavior directed against the FP. “Complete nonsense,” Schinninger said indignantly at the claim from the group of applicants.

Incidentally, voting was anonymous based on seven evaluation criteria. The ten-member steering committee was made up of one representative from each of the six municipal council parties. The four remaining votes went to Rabl, Raggl-Mühlberger, Franke (Chairwoman of the Cultural Advisory Board) and Lindinger, Deputy Advisory Board Member.

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