Seven suspected terrorists arrested in Belgium

Seven suspected terrorists arrested in Belgium

The operations that led to the arrest of the suspects were carried out in Ostend, Ghent and Menen.

in the middle of a police operation in Belgiumthe Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office reported that seven suspects of “planr a terrorist attack They were arrested This Thursday May 4th. These belong to a group of supporters of the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS).

According to official sources, the investigating judge could press charges forterrorist assassination attempt, participation in the activities of a terrorist group and preparation of a terrorist attack” against the seven detainees: three of Belgian nationality and the other four are Chechen citizens.

In this regard, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office stated: “Although various scenarios have been discussed, the exact target of the planned attack has not yet been determined ”.

However, Eric Van Duyse, a spokesman for the US attorney’s office, said: “Apparently intended to attack an institution located in Belgium” and had been “actively looking for weapons”.

Source: Ambito

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