“meamön” to “mentn”: scolding in the dialect

“meamön” to “mentn”: scolding in the dialect

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“I know this expression for ‘chew’ or ‘chew slowly’ – for example with rabbits,” writes Helmut Eymannsberger. A look at the encyclopedia shows: In Otto Milfait’s “language, custom and saying” is “meamon” Translated as “keep”, in the dictionary of the Upper Austrian vernacular “meamln” “Eat, chew, especially chew slowly and for a long time” or “mumble, speak incomprehensibly”.

The word is also in both dictionaries “men” – in each case with the translation “scolding”. Marianne Mühlparzer from Herzogsdorf also knows other expressions that also mean “to scold” … mesan, kefön, grein, grepfzen

In any case, these words are reason enough to sift through the more than 2000 e-mails from the readers of this column that have reached us in the past few years. Other dialect treasures on the subject of swearing are …

master, mutiny, muddy core



Curse for failure

Zan Teixl!

Curse, if something doesn’t work out “Teixl” means the devil, whose name was avoided in this way in order not to have to pronounce it.


turn up – in the sense of getting angry and scolding

Valier di!

go away


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