Bell foundry from 1385 and “brawl tools”

Bell foundry from 1385 and “brawl tools”
bell foundry
Image: City Office Braunau

A special opportunity to get to know the Braunauer Heimathaus with free admission is offered at an open day on May 6th from 2 to 5 p.m.

In addition to free exploration and information on the history and special features of the house, special tours of the 14th-century bell foundry are offered. It’s fine for children “high up in the home”: With the support of the Braunau fire brigade, you can climb over the city wall into the garden of the Heimathaus. A campfire is lit there, on which sausages and stick bread can also be grilled.

“Innviertel bullying tools”

The bell foundry workshop from 1385 has been preserved in its original form, and the smoke kitchen has also remained the same since the building was erected. Braunau’s home is home to a wealth of historical exhibits, the collection extends over three floors. In the rear building there is a rural section that was designed by the museum founder around 1910 and includes some unusual things: an original collection “Innviertel bullying tools” such as pizzles, batons, crickerls and other curious instruments.

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