The audience returns to Corona

The audience returns to Corona
Andrea Mayer is planning talks with the Ministry of Education.
Image: APA/Georg Hochmuth

The slogan “50 percent is the new sold out” made the rounds after the cultural corona openings. Secretary of State for Culture Andrea Mayer (Greens) therefore felt compelled to back up the alleged absence of the cultural audience with data. The SORA study now presented to journalists brought to light that 22 percent of 2000 respondents (aged 15 and over) regularly attend cultural events, which means an increase of ten percentage points compared to 2003. It is striking that the cultural audience still consists of people with higher incomes and better education. That’s why Mayer wants to work with the Ministry of Education to determine measures “that can inspire more young people for art and culture in the long term”. Particular attention should be paid to 10 to 14-year-olds, “because we’re reaching the broadest sections of the population here,” says Mayer.

37 percent stated that they took part in cultural events more often in 2022 than in 2019 – the proportion of young people is particularly high here. Depending on the sector, however, between 11 and 18 percent said they had stopped cultural activities – especially older people, which is not offset by the growing interest of young people. The reasons given by 41 percent were that they had other worries (inflation, rising prices).

The cinema is the most popular: 54 percent of those surveyed went to the cinema in 2022. 45 percent went to museums and 34 percent to pop, rock, jazz and hit concerts. The proportion of theatergoers was 27 percent, events with free admission make up 29 percent of all visits.

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