they detained an opposition candidate in potestas after the elections

they detained an opposition candidate in potestas after the elections

Paraguayan police arrested the third most voted candidate last Sunday in the presidential elections for violent demonstrations by his supporters in front of the electoral court. From the security forces they assured that it was a “preventive” detention.

Paraguayan “Payo” Cubas, third most voted presidential candidate in the elections last Sunday in Paraguaywas detained this Friday after the violent protests of his followers in the electoral court demanding a recount of votes.

Urgent PayoCubas was arrested in San Lorenzo – – It happened moments ago and is being transferred to the Specialized Police Group N.mp4

The opposition leader who received a surprising 23% in the last elections was arrested on his way to Asunción where he would join his followers in the protests against the electoral court for allegations of alleged fraud in the elections last Sunday that led to santiago penafrom the Colorado party, to the presidency.

The Paraguayan police explained the situation on their social networks and specified that the detention was preventive and by order of the Public Ministry.

“The preventive detention of the citizen has been carried out PARAGUAYAN CUBAS COLOMESin compliance with official letter No. 1/23 emanating from the Public Ministry”, expressed from the security forces.


“Now you can see then that I am already being imprisoned, all criminals in this country have to be handcuffed just like Paraguayo Cubas“Said the anarchist leader in a video posted online before peacefully getting into a patrol car that took him to his place of detention.

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Monday night, Cubas’s followers closed routes throughout the country and clashed with the police around the electoral court where the authorities were judging the tally sheets. The politician announced new demonstrations after his arrival in the capital.

the electoral court declared the official Santiago Peña the winner with 43% of the votes. Cubas, who proposed dissolve congress and govern with the Armed Forceswon five seats in the Senate and four in the Chamber of Deputies.

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