Technology from Paschinger company converts industrial emissions into fertilizer

Technology from Paschinger company converts industrial emissions into fertilizer
Alexander Krajete’s company employs seven people.
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An innovation from Upper Austria could fundamentally change the way we deal with climate-damaging exhaust gases. In addition to CO2, the toxic nitrogen oxide is also released during combustion processes in engines and industrial plants. If the entrepreneur Alexander Krajete from Pasching has his way, the exhaust gases should be converted into raw materials in the future. With the development of his company of the same name, it should be possible to fall well below the limit values ​​​​of the European Union.

The idea of ​​not destroying emissions as before, but converting them in the sense of recycling management, has occupied the doctorate in chemistry for several years. Its unique technology binds nitrogen oxides, which can be dissolved again with low heat or low pressure and used for fertilizer production. The invention was originally intended for use in cars: Krajete is cooperating with Volkswagen, the adsorption technology should be used to filter car exhaust gases from the air.

In practice, however, this turned out to be difficult because of the limited space. “Instead of the small exhaust on the car, the adsorber is now used in huge industrial plants,” says the 48-year-old. Because after his technology became public, large companies from the battery or mining industry contacted the Paschinger. They all emit significant amounts of nitric oxide. The Netherlands, which has its own minister for nitrogen, emits particularly large amounts. “Large-scale projects are on the brink there, because they won’t get approval without exhaust gas reduction,” says Krajete.

The technology has been adapted and can now be installed directly in waste incineration plants. In the Netherlands, the absorber will now be tested in real operation for three months. Krajete is optimistic that his development will prevail on the market. Born in Salzburg, he moved to Upper Austria 15 years ago and became self-employed in 2012.

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