the ceremony began, what are the highlights of the day?

the ceremony began, what are the highlights of the day?

Carlosof 74 yearsdivorced from Diana in nineteen ninety sixafter a highly mediated “war”. Diana died in 1997 in a car accident Paris, France. Camilaof 75divorced from Andrew Parker Bowlesa former army officer, in nineteen ninety five after 21 years of marriage. She too will be crowned queen during the event of two hours which, while rooted in history, will attempt to present a monarchy and one nation with vision of future.



Coronation of King Carlos III: I followed the ceremony live

“No other country could carry out a such a dazzling display: the processions, the pomp, the ceremonies and the parties in the streets”, said the British prime minister, Rishi Sunak. “She is a proud expression of our history, culture and traditions. A vivid demonstration of the modern character of our country. And a precious ritual through which a new era is born,” he added.

Despite Sunak’s enthusiasm, the coronation takes place in the midst of a cost of living crisis and the public skepticismparticularly among youthsabout the role and relevance of the monarchy and doubts about its finances.

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The Royal Family

Coronation of King Carlos III: highlights to pay attention to


The coronation ceremony began at 10:00 GMT (7 in the morning in Argentine time) after a procession from the Buckingham Palace. Unlike the coronation of Carlos’ mother, the Queen Isabelhow hard almost four hoursCarlos’ ceremony will last a few two hours.

The celebrations will continue on Sunday with street parties across the country and a concert in the king’s house windsor castleand on Monday, when thousands of organizations participate in volunteer projects.

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float procession

for the coronation, Carlos and his wife Camilawhich will be crowned queen during the ceremony, they will break with tradition and travel from the Buckingham Palace to the London Abbey of Westminster in the modern “Diamond Jubilee State Coach”made to commemorate the 60 years of his mother on the throne.

They will return in the “Coronation Procession” in a golden chariot 260 years oldwhich weighs four tons and must be pulled by eight horses. It was used in all coronations from that of the King William IV in 1831although it was first used by George III to attend the opening of parliament in 1762.

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The Royal Family

The return trip will be much slower, since the float Gold State Coach can only go at the pace of a man, but the distance itself will be 2.29 kilometersapproximately one third of the route that the Queen Isabel in 1953when millions of people packed the streets.

Some will also participate 4,000 members of the armed forces in a mile-long procession, making her the oldest of her class in several generations.

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During the mass, Carlos will be anointed with chrism oilmade with olives from mount of olives and enshrined in Jerusalem. The tradition dates back to Old Testament of the Biblewhich describes the anointing of the king solomon by the priest Zadok and the prophet Nathanand was kept to underline the spiritual status of the monarch.

“It is often considered the most sacred part of the ceremony“, Explain Charles Farris, Public Historian for Historic Royal Palaces. “Is a ancient and very symbolic ceremony (…) historically it was similar to the anointing of priests and bishops”.


The Royal Family


CamilaCarlos’s second wife, whom he married in 2005will be crowned queen separately during the ceremony and, like her husband, will be anointed by the Archbishop of canterbury, Justin Welby.

will receive the crown queen maryentrusted and carried by the consort of king george v for the coronation of 1911. As a tribute to the Queen Isabelthe crown was set with diamonds from his personal collection.

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In the ceremony will be interpreted 12 new workscommissioned or selected by Carlosincluding a new coronation hymn of the musical theater impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Of the music used at coronations throughout the centuries, the most notable is “Zadok the Priest”made of George Frideric Handel as a coronation hymn king george ii in 1727 and which has been sung at all coronations since then.

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He Key moment of the ceremony will be when Carlos -sitting in a coronation chair that has more than 700 yearsreceive your fineryfrom jeweled orbs and scepters to swords and a ring.

As a climax, the Archbishop of canterbury will place on the head of Carlos the st edward’s crownof 360 years oldwhat a weight 2.2 kilos and replaces an original Eleventh century.

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balcony scene

After returning to Buckingham Palacethe great culmination -as it happens in weddings, jubilees and other great royal events- is the family appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Depending on the weather conditions, the passage of military aircraftsincluding the aerobatic team Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force and historic aircraft of the Second World War.

All eyes will also be on if the youngest son of Carloshe prince henryand in the prince louisthe youngest son of the heir, the Prince Guillermowho stole the show during the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen Isabel by covering their ears and shouting in a context of noise caused by the passing of the planes.

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In the westminster abbey there will be some 2,300 guestsmuch less than the 8,000 who attended the coronation of the Queen Isabel in 1953. Among them will be the British royal familyincluding the prince henrybut not his wife Meghannor his two children, since the ceremony will take place on the day of the fourth birthday of his son, the prince Archie. There will also be other members of royalty, officials and heads of state. foreignwith the first lady Jill Biden representing USA and the Chinese vice president Han Zheng assisting on behalf of beijing.

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