The tumult in front of Welser Lokal ended with an arrest

The tumult in front of Welser Lokal ended with an arrest
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Key word: physical harm – around two in the morning, a police patrol was ordered to a bar in the Wels city area after an argument there ended in fisticuffs.

Baton thrown at officials

When the officials tried to clarify the facts, there were turbulent scenes: according to the police report, a man suddenly jumped out of a taxi and approached the police officers “aggressively”. He then threw a telescopic baton at the officers. The projectile just missed the police officers and hit the glass front of the restaurant.

Too drunk for interrogation

The police officers then tried to arrest the angry man who was hitting himself. Due to the upset mood on site, reinforcements were called. Finally managed to arrest the rioters. The 29-year-old Welser was taken to the Dragoon Street police station. However, because he was heavily intoxicated, he could not be interrogated.

After he had calmed down, the arrest was lifted and charges followed. A temporary gun ban was also issued. According to witnesses, the suspect may have previously gotten into an argument with guests of the restaurant. The investigation is ongoing, the police said on Saturday evening.

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