Ox attacked Steirer and escaped through the Grundlsee

Ox attacked Steirer and escaped through the Grundlsee
The Grundlsee in the Ausseer-Land.

Three oxen ran away from a farmer in Grundlsee (Liezen district) on Friday. A 68-year-old neighbor found one of them, an animal weighing 300 kilograms, in the garden of his family home. When he tried to calm the ox, it attacked. Not even a jump into a creek bed saved the Styrian, according to the police, the ox caused him several injuries. All three escaped oxen were aggressive and were killed.

The ox that had attacked the neighbor then swam through the Grundlsee to the opposite bank, where it was caught by farmers and the police. A hunter killed him. The other two steers were killed with a rifle by a retired butcher. The owner of the oxen had agreed to the killing because the animals had behaved aggressively in the past. The injured 68-year-old was taken to the Bad Aussee state hospital.

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