The reactions of the political arc to the scandal of the government by Irene Moreira

The reactions of the political arc to the scandal of the government by Irene Moreira

The opposition did not generate surprises among their opinions, while the Broad Front (FA) described as “clientelism” the actions of the ex-minister of Open Town Hall (CA) and raised the fact to the Board of Transparency and Public Ethics (Jutep)but without ruling out other measures such as a criminal complaint after determining that Moreira’s actions do not find support in the ministerial regulations, so that the delivery of the house without a draw constitutes, in addition, a crime.

“Cabildo Abierto and the minister tried to confuse the population: There is no rule to have a ministerial quota to give a home to a person from your party. If that is done, it is corruption,” said the senator. Alexander Sanchez at a press conference, after analyzing all the documentation presented as a defense by the, until yesterday, head of the MVOT.

For his part, the president of the left-wing coalition, Fernando Pereira, considered that “the government should solve the problems of the people and, instead of solving them, it creates a new problem for them every day,” referring to Moreira’s attitude as patronage; an opinion that was also shared by the mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsi.

Pereira said that “in Uruguay, there are two country projects, the Broad Front and Herrerismo,” and that “the blacksmithing they support him Colorado Party, Open Town Hall and the Independent Party”. “And these questions are more like a reality show than to a problem that people have”, he asserted. Along the same lines, he emphasized that the only way to stop this type of situation is to change the government, which would imply the return of the leftist coalition in 2025.

Likewise, other leaders like Gustavo Olmos, deputy of renewing force, they were more conciliatory: “We must support the president in the face of the institutional crisis generated by the insurgent minister. Until February 2025, the ministers are defined by Lacalle Pou and not by an arrogant general. The press conference at the ministry is an inadmissible provocation with a coup tint, ”he wrote in Twitter.


The repercussions within the ruling party

The partners of the government coalition, with the obvious exception of Cabildo Abierto, defended the president’s decision Luis Lacalle Pou to ask Moreira to step aside after the scandal.

In addition to the expressed discomfort of the National Party Due to the controversy generated by the ex-minister, other government leaders spoke publicly about it. One of them was the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) and leader of Independent Party, Pablo Mieres, who used their social networks to refer to the subject. There he pointed out that with his decision, the president “claimed the importance of acting based on legal norms and avoiding discretionary and arbitrary management to determine citizens’ access to public goods and services.”


The ex-president Julio Maria Sanguinetti, current secretary general of the Colorado Party, for his part, considered in a press conference at his home that the resignation was inevitable but that CA should remain within the government coalition. “I may not have agreed with some episodes or resignations, but beyond that the coalition has continued. A substitute is appointed and the balance is maintained. I think it would be desirable (for the coalition to continue), it is not a matter of setting the prairie on fire, ”he added, and highlighted the“ political sensitivity ”of his party, which also faced the resignation of four Colorado ministers: Ernesto Talvi (Foreign Ministry), Germán Cardoso (Tourism), Carlos María Uriarte (Livestock) and Adrián Peña (Environment).

The nationalist senator Jorge Gandini, He also pointed out to the press that “the country” loses with this episode. “Cabildo has a very important role, but it also has to resolve what is its positioning forward”, he remarked.

Certainly, the attitude of the lobbyists was different, who supported Moreira and, among their ranks, there were even some who encouraged the rupture without mediation. Such was the case of the party president, William Domenech, in the previous to the press conference of the leader Guido Manini Rios.

However, there were also those who decided to distance themselves from the pressure of Manini Ríos on Lacalle Pou. One of them was the director of ancap by CA, José Luis Alonsowho considered that “The least we can do is respect the president’s decisions” and, in dialogue with El País, he clarified that he was speaking “on behalf of many lobbyists.”

“I do not agree with the fact that, if the president of my country asks someone to resign from a position that is of his trust, this is not fulfilled immediately and without resentment,” declared the hierarch.

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