SPÖ: Rendi-Wagner and Babler aim for inflation

SPÖ: Rendi-Wagner and Babler aim for inflation
SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner

She took what she saw as a failed summit in the Ministry of Social Affairs on Monday as an opportunity to announce a special session of the National Council, including a motion of no confidence in the government. However, she is not the only one: Her opponent Andreas Babler announced that a campaign would be presented in the afternoon.

motion of no confidence?

“It’s five past twelve,” Rendi-Wagner warned in a broadcast. “If the federal government is not able to finally take price-cutting measures against the record inflation in Austria, then the SPÖ will bring a motion of no confidence against the entire federal government at the special session.” The SPÖ leader called for a rent cap, the abolition of VAT on staple foods and the establishment of an anti-cost-of-living commission. These measures could be implemented immediately.

Traiskirchen’s Mayor Babler fought again with the means at his disposal. On Monday afternoon he presented the “Intervene now – stop greed inflation” campaign.

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