“We need a free public transport ticket”

“We need a free public transport ticket”
The temperature in the post buses will be reduced by two degrees.
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More than 1,300 students took part in the survey conducted by the Association of Socialist Students (VSStÖ) at Linz’s Johannes Kepler University. “We need a free public transport ticket,” summarizes the chairwoman of the VSStÖ, Kristina Rößl. In the survey, one in five stated that they traveled between 20 and 30 minutes to get to the university. A little less, 28 percent stated that they needed between 35 and 60 minutes to get to the JKU. That’s far too long, says Rößl. “We need to expand public transport. Because every third student comes to the JKU by car, and the parking situation is catastrophic anyway.”

In the ÖH election, which takes place from Tuesday to Thursday, the VSStÖ is entering the race with a dual leadership of Laura Sophie Otter and Marvin Schütt. “As VSStÖ, we want to rethink mobility against the background of the current parking lot situation at the JKU and the climate crisis,” says Otter. “We conducted this survey to evaluate what the JKU students need so that the parking lot situation is defused, the students financially relieved and a sustainable traffic turnaround can be brought about.”

Hardly any carpooling

Around 70 percent of students drive to the university campus by car, and 1,120 students use park-and-ride facilities. 1220 students regularly switch between public transport and car. Carpools are hardly ever formed: 88.50 percent of those surveyed stated that they sat alone in the car, the rest form communities.

When deciding between public transport and the car, the time advantage is the most important factor. 76.6 percent stated that they were faster by car than by public transport. Interestingly, 26 percent of public transport drivers also stated that they had a time advantage over car drivers: they would not be stuck in traffic and save themselves the trouble of looking for a parking space.

Stubborn drivers

Assuming that students would use public transport for free: According to the VSStÖ, the vast majority of JKU students are in favor of free travel for students.

“Until 1997, there was already free travel for students in Austria,” says Schütt. “As VSStÖ, we are demanding back the free public transport ticket for all students – especially in times of the inflation crisis!” This free travel would create incentives to switch to public transport.

Nevertheless, 18.67 percent of the students would not switch to public transport.

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