Maldonado seeks financing to complete the works on Bridge 2 of La Barra

Maldonado seeks financing to complete the works on Bridge 2 of La Barra

the mayor of maldonado, Enrique Antiaconfirmed that the departmental government is analyzing two preliminary financing projects to complete the works in the Bridge 2 of La Barra.

“We are going to spend money, we have two preliminary projects in sight, it gives us security. We are going to see what decision we made technically,” he explained after announcing that the workers worked on the technical details, so he will receive the report this week.

According to Antía, Maldonado does not have the necessary funds for the works on Bridge 2 in La Barra, so it will require financing. The placement of the crutches cost $2,600,000 “and there is a similar amount ahead to repair it,” he commented.

The La Barra bridge was closed in September last year after structural damage was detected. After 40 days of work, it was reopened before the summer season,

Payment for repairs was paid in two installments. First, according to Antía, 900,000 dollars were paid, while in a second moment the rest was paid.

The repairs were carried out by the construction company saceemwhich had to build 8 pillars on which beams were placed that crossed the central structure of the bridge, with the aim of maintaining the height and preventing it from continuing to sink.

In February, the Maldonado Municipality also announced that it will build a new bridge for heavy truck transport, with the aim of definitively prohibiting the circulation of this type of cargo at the La Barra pass. The decision was made after the experts showed that the heavy traffic that regularly circulated on Bridge 2 influenced its poor condition.

Antía then explained that the new heavy load bridge would be built in the area of Saint Charlesat the crossroads of Warrior’s Pass about him San Carlos creek, while there is a similar distance from the logistics zone to the one that exists from the La Barra bridge. “We believe that it is a definitive solution,” said the departmental head.

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