controversy over the statements of the vice president of OSE

controversy over the statements of the vice president of OSE

Susana Montaner was strongly criticized by Broad Front legislators after her statements.

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In an interview, the vice president of OSE, Susana Montanerreferred to the need for hypertensive people to have the willingness to buy bottled water due to the increase in salinity in the fluid, and established that “there are many people who can stop buying a Coca-Cola and buy a water”, a saying that angered lawmakers in the broad front (FA).

Montaner clarified that The company analyzes subsidizing those people with hypertension They can’t buy bottled water. To do this, the state company will evaluate this Monday an idea from the vice president herself, in which “a treating doctor” checks blood pressure, and establishes which people are eligible to receive a subsidy.

For the hierarch, the OSE did well to circulate the recommendation to the population not to consume running water in the case of those who suffer from high blood pressure, but clarified that “in the United States these values ​​are not even measured“of chlorides, since”It has more to do with sensory“.

The Broad Front exploded against the vice president of OSE

One of the first politicians to cross the statements of the state vice president was the FA senator, Sebastian Sabiniwho described the way in which the official addressed the issue as “superficial”. “You cannot analyze the great national issues with this superficiality and with absolute ignorance of the difficulties that people have to make ends meet. We are experiencing the consequences of the cuts and the withdrawal of the State from the most sensitive areas”, remarked the senator.

Along the same lines, the FA deputy, Bettiana Diaz Reycommented on his Twitter account that Montaner’s statements are “of one violence and an inexplicable nonsense“. The also deputy for the FA, Martina Casaswent further and requested the resignation of Montaner, as well as that of the president of OSE, Raul Montero.

According to Casás, Montaner’s statements are “unfortunate“, and “the cost of the political ineffectiveness of this administration we are all paying out of pocket“he added. For his part, Senator Oscar Andradelimited himself to writing a short tweet in which he commented: “Speechless“.

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