The approval of Lacalle Pou continues to be 45% nationwide

The approval of Lacalle Pou continues to be 45% nationwide

A survey of Equipos Consultores found that the vision of the president’s performance remains unchanged.

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The last survey of Consulting Teams found that The approval of Uruguayans to the management of President Luis Lacalle Pou continues to be 45%, as established in the last survey. The organization dedicated to social research collected 34% disapproval among those surveyed, while 20% of them neither approve nor disapprove, and 1% decided not to comment.

With this, net balance (subtract approval with disapproval) of the president is positive by 11%. The current trend confirms a recovery in the Uruguayan view of the current administration, after what was a pronounced drop in the last quarter of the year, due to some controversies within the Executive powerwhere it had fallen back to 39% approval (with disapproval rising to 38%).

Lacalle Pou has preference among right-wing men from the interior of the country

Yes ok the views on the performance of the head of state are relatively homogeneous throughout the countrya certain greater preference can be noted among men than in women, especially those who reside in the interior, and adherents to center-right or right-wing ideas are identified.

Between the men at the country level, 50% approve the management and 31% disapprove, while the responses of women were more balanced in their responses, with 40% approval and 36% disapproval. In the interior, the gap between approval and disapproval is very wide and reaches 18% in the net balance for the president, while in Montevideo there is a virtual balance of 40% approval and 39% disapproval.

Yes ok there are no large differences in approval between different socioeconomic groupsif there are large gaps between left and right voters. Among leftist voters disapproval reaches 66%while the approval only scratches 16%, instead, among right-wing voters approval scales to 82%and disapproval is barely 9%.

Between the center voters we find approval from 40%an important margin of 32% that neither approves nor disapproves of the current administration, and a disapproval of 27%.


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Lacalle Pou is the president with the highest approval at this point in the mandate

Historically, and since the return of democracy, Lacalle Pou is the one who registers the highest approval at this time of the yearsince it registers 2 percentage points more than the first mandate of tabare vazquezand the same margin against the government of Jose Mujicawho also registered 43%.

However, the first term of Tabaré Vázquez continues to show the least disapproval, since at this time in the administration he had only 19% disapproval, with 28% undecided, and 10% who preferred not to comment, according to Equipos Consultants.


Graphic: Consulting Teams.

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