Israel shelled the Gaza Strip, killing nine Palestinians, including women and children

Israel shelled the Gaza Strip, killing nine Palestinians, including women and children

nine people died before dawn on Tuesday in airstrikes from Israel in the Gaza Stripreported the Ministry of Health in that territory controlled by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.

Among the dead are women and children.added the ministry without giving details about the identity of the victims, reported the AFP agency.

Israeli bombardment of Gaza.mp4

Another image of the moment of the bombing in the Gaza Strip.

In Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, an AFP photographer saw the body of a man identified as Jihad Ghannam, a leader of the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Israeli army announced for its part that it carried out bombardments against Palestinian Islamic Jihad sites in the Gaza Strip. in Gaza the international press saw the roof of a burning building and ambulances evacuating the victims.

israeli bombardment in gaza.mp4

The moment of Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip.


The aerial bombardments, which began shortly after 2 in the morning (20 Argentine hours) and were still active an hour later.

The attacks come less than a week after the announcement of a trucea reached with the mediation of Egypt after a new escalation of violence between the Israeli army and Islamic Jihad following the death of a leader of that Islamist movement on hunger strike in an Israeli prison.

The Israeli army announced in a statement that its action targeted three Islamic Jihad leaders: Jihad Ghannam and Jalil Al Bahtani in the Gaza Strip, and Tareq Ezzedine in the West Bank.

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