More than 50 injured after bus accident in Germany

More than 50 injured after bus accident in Germany
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According to police, around 52 people were injured in a collision between a coach and a truck on Autobahn 12 in Brandenburg, Germany, on Tuesday, ten of them seriously. The majority of the injured were passengers on a Polish coach, said a police spokesman. A spokeswoman for the Oder-Spree district spoke of a critically injured person.

The bus drove from Poland towards Berlin, as the police spokesman reported. The passengers were mainly young people and adults. The officials did not name the destination of the coach. The exact number of travelers was also initially unclear. According to the Polish police, the injured are all Polish citizens. A spokesman for the responsible police station in Gorzow Wielkopolski said on Tuesday the German Press Agency in Warsaw that they were employees of a German company. It is not yet known which company owned the crashed coach. Poland’s Consul Marcin Krol told TVN24 that the bus had Polish license plates.

Collision with dangerous goods transporter

According to the police, a dangerous goods transporter had hit a truck stopping in front of him on the motorway. The driver of the dangerous goods transporter tried to swerve to the left and collided sideways with the coach. The bus then crashed into the middle barrier. According to the police, the dangerous goods transporter was not loaded at the time of the accident.

According to a spokeswoman for the affected district of Oder-Spree, around 95 emergency services were at the scene of the accident on Tuesday. According to the information, three rescue helicopters flew the injured to nearby hospitals. Tents were set up and food provided. The uninjured were therefore picked up by buses. The A12 was completely blocked at the accident site.

Just a few weeks ago, a coach from Poland was involved in an accident on the A2 near Magdeburg. At that time, more than 30 people were injured. Police believe the bus driver fell asleep.

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