Movistar and Claro each kept one block

Movistar and Claro each kept one block

The Communications Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec) reported that companies Movistar and Clear each one kept a block of radio frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band for the deployment of the network 5G in the country.

Of course, through its subsidiary in the country AM Wireless Uruguay SAobtained the 3300 to 3400 Mhz band with an OVMA for $28,100,000, while Movistar was assigned the right to use the 3700-3800 Mhz frequency for $28,051,000.

A third block for the 5G network was assigned to the state company before.

Claro achieved 4 current eligibility points, while Movistar had 8, according to information provided by Ursec.

A troubled path to the 5G network auction

Claro, Movistar and the local company Dedicated They presented different appeals against the conditions imposed for the auction of the 5G network.

The first two have criticized the advantageous position of Antel, which came to the auction with a block awarded and, in the event that one of the two bidders was deserted, they could opt for it.

According to Movistar, the conditions of the 5G auction “are in violation of the foreign investment protection treaties” signed by Uruguay. “Only ensuring a common 5G launch date at the industry level could partly offset the competitive advantage Antel has been given,” he said.

Claro, for its part, filed an administrative appeal against the specifications, mainly for the base price of each 100 MHz section, valued at 28 million dollars, as it has no “foundation”; and due to the “competitive inequality” established by the allocation already made to Antel of its section in the 5G band, one of the first points observed by private parties.

Meanwhile, Dedicado, which had promised to prosecute the auction, denounced that it was designed in such a way that the requirements to participate intentionally exclude national providers.

Source: Ambito

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