Rental prices increased by 6.25% year-on-year

Rental prices increased by 6.25% year-on-year

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in March there was a monthly variation of 0.58% in the average in pesos.

The rental price increased by 0.58% in March, and by 6.25% interannual.

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He Statistics National Institute (INE) reported in its technical bulletin Indicators of real estate activity (IAI) than the rental price increased 6.25% year-on-year at the country level. In addition, during March there were a monthly variation of 0.58% on the average in pesos.

According to the INE, the average price nationwide was 18,386 pesosbeing Montevideo the most expensive department with an average of 19,122 pesos and Cerro Largo the cheapest with one of 12,017 pesos. The capital is 4% more expensive than the national average and 59.12% more expensive than Cerro Largo.

As for the new contracts, he average price in Montevideo He stood at 19,039 pesos, 0.44% less than the average of current contracts, which was set at 19,122 pesos. During the month of March, some 1,953 new contracts in the capital and some 65,575 current contracts, which mean a variation of 0.95% year-on-year in the country’s capital.

The number of contracts, based on the records of the Rental Guarantee Service and GO, increased 0.7% year-on-year, and had a monthly growth of 0.21% during March. The total number of leased units was established at 84,638, of which 77.5% belong to Montevideo; 11.6% to cannelloni; 1.9% to Saint Joseph; 1.6% to maldonado; 1.3% to paysandu; and 1.2% to Cologne.


San José registers a skyrocket in rental prices

Regarding prices, in San José there was an interannual shot of 9.1%; Maldonado one of 8.5%; Cannelloni one of 7.29%; Paysandú one of 6.79%; Cologne one of 6.28%; and Montevideo one of 5.99%. The average rent in San José is 13,167 pesos, and in Canelones 17,781 pesos.

San José also registered a year-on-year increase of 7.6% in terms of current contractswhile, on the other hand, the retraction of the real estate market in Canelones was 1.99%.


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