Municipality did not exchange wooden beams – students fell from the swing

Municipality did not exchange wooden beams – students fell from the swing
The student suffered painful bruises. (icon picture)
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

The 14-year-old student from Michaelnbach played with the rope slide in the playground of the new middle school in Waizenkirchen during the lunch break on Thursday. He sat down on the plate swing, his school friends pushed him. After the student hit the stopper at the end of the cable pull and swung back again, the wooden beam suddenly broke apart in the middle. As a result, the student hit the ground with the swing and injured himself. The boy suffered painful bruises.

During the initial survey by the police, it became known that the most recent inspection last October had already established that there was a serious defect on the wooden beam of the rope slide due to a fungal infestation. This should have been remedied by the municipality by spring 2023. The fatal thing about it: The municipality has commissioned an external expert to check the safety, but it is likely that the repairs were not arranged in time.

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