Nova Rock, Frequency, Lido Sounds: “Feel the price increase very heavily”

Nova Rock, Frequency, Lido Sounds: “Feel the price increase very heavily”
Cro is one of the headliners at Lido Sounds

If there was a shortage of staff after the compulsory break caused by the pandemic, the organizers are confronted with the general price increase this year. “We feel them strongly and even quite violently in all areas,” said Nova Rock director Ewald Tatar.

The personnel situation is still slightly tense, “but nowhere near as much as in 2022,” emphasized Tatar in an interview with APA. “It may have taken a little longer than before the pandemic, but the staff is standing.” Filip Potocki, organizer of the Lido Sounds from June 16th to 18th in Linz, said: “There is still a lack of staff, that goes hand in hand with the prices. The hourly rates rise when demand is high or there is a shortage . But it’s a first season for us, so we don’t have any benchmarks.”

“You can’t increase ticket prices by 100 percent”

Both organizers agree that their industry is “no exception” when it comes to the increase in costs. However, we try to make the visit as affordable as possible. “A percentage adjustment of the tickets to the current price increases – a stage at Nova Rock costs about 70 to 100 percent more than last year – is unrealistic. You can’t increase ticket prices by 100 percent,” Tatar explained.

For food and drink, festivals will have to spend more this year than before the pandemic. “The prices in the gastronomy have generally increased,” says Potocki. “A hectoliter of beer costs significantly more than it did a few years ago. But we are not restaurateurs and are rarely responsible for the prices.” Tatar says: “Of course I could pretend that a hot dog shouldn’t cost more than five euros. Then everyone would tell me that they couldn’t do it. Then there won’t be any hot dogs. Or someone is offering at that price but you don’t know what the hot dog will look like or how it will taste.”

Lido Sounds in Linz

Regionality is important to both organizers. “At the Nova Rock there is the Burgenland Arena again, where everything is regional. But the other stands are also informed that they should source the products locally,” said Tatar. For Potocki, it’s “the range” when it comes to the gastronomic offer: “It’s about speed and quality and a wide selection. Some food trucks cannot supply as many people as quickly as others.”

At Lido Sounds, urban infrastructure has the advantage of being able to fall back almost entirely on fixed-line power: “So we’re relatively self-sufficient from diesel-powered generators,” reports Potocki. They want to implement the green idea as well as possible: “A lot is recycled, the public transport ticket is included in the ticket price. We have water-flushing toilets. I also think it’s important that we source suppliers from Austria, including those for the stage and light. That works It’s all about the paths. But we’ll definitely learn and adapt after the first year.”

“Would never say Nova Rock is a Green Festival”

Tatar assured that Nova Rock is also trying to be environmentally friendly. “You make an effort every year to set new accents. Despite everything, I would never claim that Nova Rock is a green festival. I would like to get there as close as possible, but we play on the green field on the field no infrastructure.” Visitors should also do their part.

Last year, heavy rains took a toll on the Nova Rock site (and visitors). “80 percent of the trail infrastructure was destroyed,” says Tatar. “We are completely redesigning this network of paths with gravel, and we are creating additional supply routes. This affects the core area, but also camping and parking lots. The stage areas are also being rebuilt and paved because they were also flooded. It’s about investing in height of around 300,000 euros.”

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