Excitement before the ESC final: This is Austria’s chances

Excitement before the ESC final: This is Austria’s chances
Teya & Salena want to clear up with “Who the Hell is Edgar”.
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Only a few more hours until the finale of the biggest music show in the world takes place in Liverpool. The preliminary rounds of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest have been won, and the jury finals for the international experts were also recorded once in toto as a dress rehearsal on Friday evening yesterday. The last chance to make a prediction about victory and defeat – and here the leading duo Sweden/Finland has extended its lead.

Sweden wins 53 percent

In a comparison of 17 different betting providers, Sweden’s ESC returnee Loreen with her number “Tattoo” is clearly in first place in the 26-strong field. If you convert the betting odds here into the percentage probability of a win, the song contest queen from 2012 now has 53 percent and thus the best value for weeks.

Finland in second place

But Loreen can’t leave her toughest competitors behind. Finland’s Käärijä is hot on her heels with the Rammstein-inspired song “Cha Cha Cha” and can also increase his rating. Meanwhile, the statistical probability of a Finnish victory is 22 percent – also a top value in recent times.

Last year’s winner Ukraine in third place

And finally, last year’s winner Ukraine is stable in third place. However, the duo Tvorchi with their electro-pop song “Heart Of Steel” remains stable in terms of odds and continues to have a six percent chance of winning. Meanwhile, France has fallen out of favor with La Zarra, which slipped from last place 4 to place 6 and now has to give way to Noa Kirel from Israel and Blanca Paloma from Spain.

The Top 10

Norway, Italy and Great Britain complete the top ten on the following places – and on place 10 the two Austrian participants Teya & Salena. The two have been keeping their place in the premier class of the top ten for a long time now. And even if the probability of a win is currently only seen at 1 percent, this does not necessarily mean anything. After all, the rate for Spain, which is in 5th place, is only 2 percent.

This is how the winner is determined

So the two Austrian candidates should be able to do more than “just” 10th place tonight, sometimes in the single digits. After the performance in Liverpool’s M&S Arena, it’s not just the spectators who make this judgment. In contrast to the preliminary rounds, half of the votes in the final come from the country juries. And as is well known, they always set their own accents. So it remains exciting. Follow live on ORF 1 from 9 p.m.

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