Justice summoned the Presidency, OSE and Environment for the water crisis

Justice summoned the Presidency, OSE and Environment for the water crisis

The government must submit to the Administrative Litigation Court all the technical documentation regarding the water purification process.

Photo: Municipality of Montevideo

The authorities of Uruguayan Presidencyhe Ministry of Environment and the Administration of the State Sanitary Works (OSE) must appear in court this Monday for a summons from the Administrative Litigation Court (TCA)as a result of an appeal for amparo due to the increase in the salinity of the drinking water of the last weeks.

This morning, the Mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cossehad asked almost parallel to the National Emergency System (Sinae) to issue an alert to the population, given that the capital of the country will stop having water “in potable conditions” in a period of around 30 days, warned the hierarch.

“The State is supplying water whose input is salty and highly contaminated water from the Río de la Plata estuary,” marks the amparo action filed by state agencies, for which government authorities must appear before the TCA on monday at 1 pmin front of the judge Paul Gandinito provide explanations.

And he continues: “This forces an increase in chemical substances harmful to human health in the purification process, which configures a situation of violation of human rights and imminent risk to life of consumers”.

For this reason, the government must submit to the court all technical documentation regarding the purification process of the water that is extracted from the estuary of the Río de la Plata. The documents will be submitted to the “expert opinion of doctors from the Forensic Technical Institute”, in order “to determine the incidence of chemical substances and their quantities in human health.”

According to the complainants, the increase in salinity levels in the water, implemented to make the reserves that are scarce as a result of the drought last, is an “illegal” action and “harmful to the rights of life” and the “health”.

Indeed, the appeal for amparo also demands the suspension of the water intake from the Río de la Plata estuary and that “OSE be imposed a alternative solution compatible with the quality of the water that must be supplied to the population”.

Source: Ambito

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