Shots in eastern France: man injures five people

Shots in eastern France: man injures five people
Police cordon off crime scene in Villerupt in eastern France.

A man fired shots from a car at a group of young people in Villerupt, north of Metz and near the Luxembourg border, on Saturday evening. According to the spokesman, the place where the shooting took place is known for drug trafficking. One of the victims was a minor, the oldest around 30 years old.

The newspaper “Le Parisien” reported on Sunday that the perpetrator has now been identified. The spokesman for the prefecture did not confirm this and continued to speak of a perpetrator on the run.

The incident makes one think of a settlement, “Le Parisien” quoted the mayor of the municipality, Pierre Spizak. Again and again vigilantism in the drug milieu occurs in France. The southern French city of Marseille is particularly affected.

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