Ancap, concerned that salinity in the water affects its production

Ancap, concerned that salinity in the water affects its production

The company is in constant conversations with OSE to determine alternatives that do not harm fuel production.

The oil company carried out measures so that the water salinity do not alter fuel production, including the purchase of new machinery or the possibility of using treated water; the vice president of ancapdefined the situation as “difficult and delicate”.

He Uruguayan metropolitan area It is highly compromised by the scarcity of water generated by a historical drought in the country. Just as in March it was feared that OSE’s reserves would run out, on this occasion, the state agency decided increase the salinity of drinking water to try to stretch that critical point as long as possible in the midst of the worst drought in the last century.

The measure was taken at the end of April, when the board of directors of the state company approved the increase in the proportion of sodium in the mixture of drinking water that is distributed to the population from 200 milligrams per liter to 280 mg/L, while from chloride they went from 280 mg/L to 450 mg/L. Within a few days, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) authorized a new increase in the measures, which became 400mg/L and 700mg/L respectively.

Faced with this, the possible negative effects on people’s health, as well as the increase in the sale of bottled water, were some of the consequences generated by the increase in salinity in the water. The other came to Ancap, which had to acquire a new reverse osmosis plant joint venture for La Tablada, to lower salinity levels in the water. The plant is already operational and treated water from UTE is also being used, according to what Ancap’s vice president explained to Subrayado, Diego Durand.

“It is a difficult, delicate situation and we are working with OSE in coordination. Today we had several conversations to start making alternative resolutions,” Durand explained.

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