The history of the hunt: “Actually, we all hunt”

The history of the hunt: “Actually, we all hunt”
Alfred Weidinger, presenter Günther Madlberger, Mayor Ines Schiller, Thekla Weissengruber and Herbert Sieghartsleitner
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The marble palace in the Kaiserpark in Bad Ischl was originally used by Empress Elisabeth as a breakfast room. Since 2021, this monarchical retreat with the extensive garden has been offering space for special exhibitions about the House of Habsburg, the history of fashion and the Salzkammergut region. This year as well: Until October 31st, the marble castle hosts the exhibition “We hunt … in the Salzkammergut”. Last Friday evening in Bad Ischl, some guests were able to take a first look at the historical development of hunting.

“It’s a perfect Salzkammergut theme,” reasoned Alfred Weidinger, scientific director of the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, the decision to hold a hunting exhibition. “It’s about history, the development of hunting, which also has a lot to do with identity and is necessary today,” says Weidinger. As a special focus, the woman in the hunt should be at the center of the state exhibition. “Women help and represent hunting as it really should be practiced.”

From the great success of the exhibition was also Landesjägermeister Herbert Sieghartsleitner convinced: “People have shaped and developed hunting over the past centuries. The title of the exhibition should actually be ‘We all hunt in the Salzkammergut’. After all, we are all chasing after something specific in life: be it contentment, success, happiness.”

Among the numerous guests and hunting enthusiasts on Friday evening were the Federal Chancellor, among others Karl NehammerMayoress Ines SchillerManaging Director of the State Hunting Association Christopher Bockhead of tourism Andreas Winklhofermaster confectioner Joseph Zauner, costume creator Gexi Tostmanthe managing director of Gmundner Ceramics Andrew Glatz and costume designer Markus Meindl.

After the first tour of the hunting exhibition, the chefs asked Christopher Held (Inn “Siriuskogl”) and Philip Rachinger (Restaurant “Ois” in Mühltalhof) for a hunting dinner in the former stables of the Empress. Also the hosts Habsburg-Lorraine family – did not miss this event.

With hunting sounds left the Hunting horn blowers Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting under the direction of the state horn master Franz Kastenhuber end the convivial evening – the beginning of an impressive exhibition season in the hunting Salzkammergut.

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