Raffo will have the support of Alianza Nacional

Raffo will have the support of Alianza Nacional

In her run for the candidacy, Laura Raffo will receive the support of Jorge Larrañaga’s group this Monday.

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After announcing that he would leave the presidency of the Departmental in Montevideothe economist and former president of the Department of Montevideo, will receive the support of National Alliance in pursuit of the creation of a new political movement within the National Party with a view to presenting herself as a possible pre-candidate for the 2024 elections.

This Monday the National Alliance, as reported to the media, will present the official support of Laura Raffo for the creation of a new movement of the white party. The leaders of the group were waiting for Raffo to resign from his position in order to give his official support.

A resignation for a possible candidacy

At the beginning of May, Raffo announced his departure from his position after holding a meeting with the white councilors of the department. From the party there are conflicting opinions about Raffo’s decision on whether he should do it before he ends his term or not. Deputy Alvaro VivianoFor example, he asked to find a driveway since the Montevideo departmental had been left “headless”. The Senator for the HomelandJorge Gandiniexplained on the radio that the plan from the party was to empower Raffo while waiting for the other members of the coalition – Town meeting and Colorado party – choose their respective candidates to go by theme together.

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The economist has been giving signs that she is on her way to her candidacy and has already had contact with the group founded by former minister Jorge Larrañaga. At the beginning of April, within the framework of Beer Week in Paysandú, the nationalist politician had declared to the press that she was seeking to “build a very broad movement, which is very comprehensive, which has representation of people from the metropolitan area and also from the interiorfrom different currents of the party, of the blacksmithing“and also” of wilsonism”.

During that visit, Raffo met with Jorge Larranaga VidalMember of National Alliance and son of Jorge Larranaga; with own Mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Olivera; and with the nationalist senator Carlos Camy.

The former candidate for mayor of Montevideo explained that “we are in talks, we have a very good relationship with the Alianza comrades, and with those of Herrerismo as well, so we are going to be building a space little by little, with those who come closer, but We don’t have any official announcements to make yet.These are conversations that are on the right track, which make us very happy”.

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