Final result of the ÖH election: VSStÖ with gains again in first place

Final result of the ÖH election: VSStÖ with gains again in first place
VSSTÖ top candidate Nina Mathies defended first place for the red students.

According to the final result, which was only published on Monday, the red students came to 26.5 percent and 15 mandates (plus 1) in the 55-strong federal representation. The left-wing coalition of VSStÖ, Greens and alternative students and student council lists still has a majority.

The ÖVP-affiliated AktionsGemeinschaft (AG) came second with practically unchanged 21.1 percent and twelve seats, followed by the Greens and Alternative Students (GRAS) with 18.6 percent and eleven seats (minus one seat). The young liberal students (JUNOS) also recorded losses with 9.0 percent and five mandates (minus one mandate) as well as the student council lists (FLÖ) with 8.3 percent and four mandates (minus two mandates).

The Communist Student Union – Linke Liste ended up with 5.2 percent and three mandates (plus one mandate) in the dark red stable duel just ahead of the Communist Student Union – Communist Youth with 4.5 percent and unchanged two mandates. The list “Who the F*ck is Herbert?” made it into the federal representation from scratch. with 4.0 percent and two mandates. The Ring of Freedom Students (RFS) kept its mandate with 2.8 percent.

The previous coalition of VSStÖ, GRAS and FLÖ thus has a total of 30 (previously 32) mandates in the Austrian student parliament. 28 seats are required for a majority.

tripartite coalition for presidency

It is clear with the end result that a coalition of at least three parliamentary groups is necessary for the ÖH presidency. VSStÖ and AG, the two largest parliamentary groups, only have 27 seats together.

Voter turnout this year was 21.2 percent. Although this is around five percentage points more than in the last election in 2021, it is still the second-worst result in ÖH history.

The constitutive meeting of the new ÖH federal representation will take place on June 23rd. The new ÖH boss is also elected there. The new two-year term of office begins on July 1.

Problems with voting system

The elections were overshadowed by problems with the new electronic voting system. The electoral register was completed too late in the run-up to the election itself, and it was briefly not possible to cast a vote due to server problems. In the end, the final result was not published the night after the election, as is usually the case, but only after the weekend that followed.

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