the metropolitan area would have water reserves for 18 days

the metropolitan area would have water reserves for 18 days

The president of OSE, Raúl Montero, explained that the volume in Paso Severino is at a “historical minimum level.”

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The president of SBI, Raul Monteroassured in a press conference that the metropolitan area of cannelloni and Montevideo would remain, if the current water situation continues,”about 18 daysdrinking water supply. In turn, he affirmed that the volume of water in the dam of Severine Pass is found in “a record low“.

The outlook we have is pretty tough.”, said the hierarch in reference to the scarce 6.5 million cubic meters currently available in Paso Severino. “We are trying to get you less than 300,000 (cubic meters)”, he explained to the media.

In turn, Montero commented that the consumption of the population of the metropolitan area is usually 650,000 cubic meters, but now dropped to 550,000 cubic metersas a result of the measures to raise the levels of chlorides in the water by the state company.

“We are entering a somewhat complicated stage of ending this month of May and getting into June in a certain way,” lamented Montero, and remarked that, from OSE, they feel a “major concern” because, as the water level drops, certain problems could appear in relation to “to be able to manage well the water that comes out of the valves“.

OSE does not rule out more drastic measures to ensure water supply

If the situation does not change, it will escalate to more drastic scenarios. “We keep a running water, in this case yes not drinkable, but that allows us to have an availability of water to unload the cisterns and, in parallel, face a drinking water supply outsideespecially to more sensitive places,” explained Montero.

“We think that we can take some other measure that we are studying,” he warned. “I always said we’re trying to get into June. We’d be making it, let’s try to stretch even more“, he concluded.

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