Park trouble at the Froschberg: SP wants a resident survey

Park trouble at the Froschberg: SP wants a resident survey
The new Raiffeisen Arena on the Froschberg heats up the discussions.

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about the parking situation at the Froschberg – most recently, a resident survey on the subject of resident parking was carried out in 2020. At that time, the Liberal Deputy Mayor Markus Hein was still politically responsible. At that time, the residents of Froschberg decided that short-term parking zones should be set up in eleven streets around the stadium. Residents can park there indefinitely provided they have a resident parking permit.

application to the municipal council

Since then, a lot has changed in the district, most recently with the opening of the Raiffeisen Arena new framework conditions were created, says SP municipal councilor Florian Koppler. “The parking situation has worsened, ultimately due to the traffic measures taken around the events in the new stadium and in the Tips Arena,” he says. An assessment shared by Deputy Mayor and SPÖ Froschberg Chairwoman Tina Blöchl that dissatisfaction among the population has continued to rise, she says.

That is why the SPÖ is now making an application at the municipal council meeting next week. This is addressed to the now responsible traffic officer, Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP). The goal is a new resident survey. “Based on the results, measures should be taken to improve the parking situation,” demands Koppler. “It would be conceivable, for example, to enact a parking ban except for residents, as was recently implemented in Domgasse,” says Blöchl, who is campaigning for the residents to be involved in the further decision-making process after the survey.

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