The emotional farewell to the brother of the young Argentine murdered in Mexico

The emotional farewell to the brother of the young Argentine murdered in Mexico

“Thank you for waiting for me!! Fly very high Torito!! We will see each other again!! We love you!!”was the moving publication of Mark Gamond in the stories of instagramwhich he accompanied with an image of his brother Benjaminkilled in a strange machete attack in a plaza in Mexico.

santiago lastra (22), a friend of the victim, also suffered injuries but is out of danger, just like Macarena Elia Gonzalez (the girlfriend of Santiago29 years old), after the unusual machete attack by a Mexican, in a bar in Chacahua Lagoons.

The unfortunate news made a deep impression on friends and family of the person who played as a scrum half in Tala Rugby Cluband frameshis older brother, remembered the victim with an emotional message in social networks.

Later, and through a second post on the same social network, frames He uploaded a photo with his brother and promised: “So many good memories!! I keep them all in my heart!!”.

From Tala Rugby Cluban institution that the deceased young man attended since he was a child, issued a statement in which they expressed the general sadness over the death of “Benja” and reported that the activities on Monday were fully suspended due to mourning.


“We embrace and accompany his mother, his brothers and his entire family, his friends and the entire black and white community at this very sad moment”underlines the official note of the Cordovan club.

After the violent attack, which occurred on May 12 at a beach restaurant, Benjamin he was seriously injured from a head injury.

After the cowardly attack, the diners were the ones who alerted the Police and provided first aid to the young people: they took them aboard a boat to the dry dock in the town of the zapotalito. Subsequently, paramedics from Municipal Civil Protection aboard two ambulances transferred the injured to a hospital in hidden port.

As a consequence of the seriousness of his painting, Benjamin He was referred in a medical plane to the General Hospital of the Mexican capital, but this Monday he died.

The perpetrator of the attack, a 21-year-old Mexican from the municipality of Ometepec, was identified as Cruz Irvin Martínez Flores, and was detained.

Source: Ambito

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